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Family Tree Heritage Review

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Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9 is the latest genealogy software to be released by Individual Software. Recent updates mean this version boasts more features than ever before; more than any other genealogy software package according to their website!

We must admit their features list is impressive, with all the standard features you’d expect from top of the range genealogy software as well as many advanced features. Furthermore, upon testing Family Tree Heritage using their free trial we were delighted to see that the user interface is simple and easy to use; even beginners should be able to get to grips with it relatively quickly. 

Users who have already collected information on their family will have to input this manually. The real investigative work begins once you start following up on the clues that this information provides you with. Family Tree Heritage facilitates access to online resources of up to a billion sources which is a fantastic place to begin your research. However, it must be noted that the quality of these free sources is variable and once you begin to really dig deep you may be obliged to sign up for membership at one of the more established genealogy resource websites. 

Once the data begins trickling in, Family Tree Heritage offers all the standard features for organizing, viewing, analysing, and presenting your data. What we were really impressed with was their advanced features. The GenRelationship Examiner for example, is a tool developed by genealogy professionals which automatically checks your data for relationships and elements you may have missed. This powerful tool undertakes rigorous combing of your data that would otherwise take you hours to carry out.

We also appreciated the research and citation managers which ensure that your sourcing and citing is done to professional standards from the word go. There’s nothing worse than having carried out months of research only to find out that your sourcing is all over the place rendering your findings of little worth to others.

Our favourite feature of Family Tree Heritage had to be the interactive research timeline. This feature not only allows you to see at a glance the progress of your research, but it also presents you with useful hints and tips wherever relevant. This is fantastic for beginners who would otherwise not look out for these clues.

The only downside we could envisage for Family Tree Heritage was that advanced users may find the software limited in what they can customize and edit. As is always the case, some depth has been sacrificed in order to make the software as user friendly as possible. Also, it must be noted that Family Tree Heritage does not appear to be Mac compatible. 

Overall, we could find little wrong with Family Tree Heritage and would encourage users to at least check out the free trial available at their website. 

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