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The Next Generation (TNG) of Genealogy Sitebuilding Reviews

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The Next Generation (TNG) of Genealogy Sitebuilding Review

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As its name suggests, The Next Generation (TNG) of Genealogy Sitebuilding software is specifically designed for those looking to build their own genealogy website. As TNG have narrowed their focus down to a specific target market, their software comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. 

Firstly, TNG is specially designed to allow you to upload GEDCOM files directly to your website without converting them into HTML format. This is great as it means you can edit and update your family tree without having to convert and re-upload every time you come across some new information.

Using PHP/MySQL, pages are created automatically each time a user accesses your page. As such, the data stored by your webhost will remain in GEDCOM format which is a far more efficient way to store data and will lead to reduced hosting costs for you.

Also, this means that you can customize how pages are viewed according to the user. Users speaking a different language will automatically view a translated version of their genealogy page which saves bags of time creating separate pages for each language. Furthermore, you can adjust privacy settings to restrict access to sensitive data to certain users, this is often a much sought after tool for professional users.

TNG also comes with all the regular features you’d expect from genealogy software. Users can input data either manually or through GEDCOM uploads, attach media, create dynamic charts, and produce glossy reports. We especially appreciated their pointers regarding the “house style” which ensures all TNG sites adhere to a certain format which facilitates collaboration. However, users are free to personalize and customize their family tree websites to their heart’s content; an excellent way to make your site stand out. 

A word of warning to beginner genealogists; you may find that TNG requires a lot of time to get to grips with. To build a genealogy website you’ll need at least a working knowledge of PHP and MySQL which take some time to master, even for those already familiar with HTML.

As such, we’d only recommend TNG to those specifically looking to build the type of site they offer and willing to put in the time and effort required to be able to make the most of this software. For this we did appreciate the help features, especially the “ask the author” option.

To most readers we would recommend you check out one of the other products in our Top10 which offer more accessible software that often renders better results. Furthermore, if you don’t already have your own website, many of TNG’s competitors offer free hosting on their website which frees you up from having to pay a minimum $4,99/ month hosting fee. 

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