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Family Tree Builder (by My Heritage) Review

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A steady performer and the recipient of a plethora of industry awards, Family Tree Builder (by My Heritage) takes our No.1 Choice award. With over 80 million registered users and offices all over the world, My Heritage, which we rate highly in our genealogy websites category, are certainly a genealogy service with global ambitions.

The fact that their genealogy software is free to download is largely responsible for their global popularity, but don’t let this give you the wrong impression; Family Tree Builder 7.0 is one of the most powerful genealogy software tools available. Although users will have to pay for premium features, there is still a lot you can do with Family Tree Builder 7.0, making it better than many equivalent programs that you’d normally pay for!

For those with relatives from all over the world and a family tree that looks more like an overgrown garden, MyHeritage may be the service for you. Not only do they cater for more than 40 languages, including ones uncommonly available such as Korean and Farsi, but they also use Unicode technology so that your family tree can incorporate various languages and scripts. A spell checker is also available in each language which is especially important for research in which one typo can create a complete dead end.

Inputting data is simple from the beginning, as it is based on a user-friendly template system. This can either be done systematically with the user making the links later, or visually with the user moving up or down their family tree adding individuals as they go. We especially appreciated the fact that new users get access to Instant Discovery, a tool that looks up individuals possibly related to you, identifies the branch of their family tree, and allows you to add all the profiles on that branch in one click. This is a great way to get started.

These features on their own will be enough for seasoned genealogy researchers, or those willing to put in the leg work. However, novices may need a little helping hand and should consider purchasing one of the My Heritage premium features.

  We were especially impressed with the SmartMatch tool which searches other people’s family trees and notifies the users when there is a “fuzzy” match.  

These include My Heritage’s most advanced features such as Record Matching, and Super Search which will plug you in to a range of databases and provide you with the algorithms and search tools necessary to significantly speed up your research. We were especially impressed with the SmartMatch tool which searches other people’s family trees and notifies the users when there is a “fuzzy” match. In this way, users can discover whole branches of their family previously unknown to them. It can also lead to you making contact with long lost relatives; often a wonderful experience and the main reason people use genealogy software.

For even more advanced investigation, users can pay an additional fee for access to tools and databases such as Record Match and Record Detective. The former uses advanced search technology to scour databases of millions of old records for potential matches to individuals in your family tree. The latter then builds up a map of related records that could also hold relevant information. Without this level of automation, finding historical documents can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, investigations which would once have constisted of days of painstaking sifting through dusty archives, can now be achieved with the click of a button!

If you’re not already convinced, just check out the thousands of enthusiastic user testimonials and the plethora of awards published on the MyHeritage website. Either way, the software is quick, easy and (most importantly) free to download so you’ve nothing to lose by checking it out. Head over to MyHeritage today to download Family Tree Builder and get started on a voyage of discovery. Who knows where you’ll end up!

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