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Legacy Family Tree Review

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The recent release to Legacy Family Tree 8.0 has really pushed this product up the ranks. This upgrade gives budding genealogists access to many fantastic new features such as Migration maps, source checking tools, and origin reports. They have also improved many of our favourite aspects of Legacy Family Tree 7.0 such as the decedents chart, tagging, and Legacy’s unique user interface. 

To get started, we recommend downloading the free Legacy Family Tree standard version. This will not only give you a taster of the software but you’ll also be able to start researching your genealogy and building your family tree straight away! Legacy Family Tree is affiliated with FamilySearch.org, a decent genealogy website which we had the pleasure to review recently. Legacy Family Tree now boasts full integration with FamilySearch.org allowing you to perform integrated searches, download sources directly, and make the most of filters and auto-matching features. This really facilitates your genealogy research and will certainly end up saving you a lot of time. 

While the standard version is fine to satisfy one’s interest in their genealogy, those who get hooked will not be able to resist upgrading to the deluxe version. For just $29.95 (making Legacy Family Tree one of the best value products in this category) users get access to a range of advanced features that’ll allow you to conduct professional standard genealogy research. This is perhaps best demonstrated by Legacy’s sourcing tools which not only ensure the quality of your sources, but also their coherence. This information is then automatically transferred to a bibliography and can also be stored on a clipboard for quick referencing. 

Deluxe users will also enjoy the migration tracking tools that Legacy offer. These help you to see where your descendents came from and where they ended up. We especially appreciated the option to visualize this on detailed maps built into Family Tree 8.0 which include street maps, satellite images, and 3D views. With this information to hand you can also calculate the percentage of different “bloods” from your countries of origin. The result may end up surprising you!

Given the advanced nature of many of these features, beginners may find Legacy Family Tree 8.0 a little daunting. Luckily you can purchase various detailed "how to" guides which will take you through the steps towards becoming a seasoned genealogist. This said, you should keep in mind that, to make the most of Legacy Family Tree 8.0, users will have to invest a little time in learning how to use the software. Those especially taken by the free trial software should definitely consider the deluxe bundle which comes with a how to guide at a reduced price. 

Overall, we rate highly Legacy Family Tree because of their free trial, advanced features, and low price. It didn’t quite make the No1 spot due to it being slightly less user friendly than the top products in this category. Also, their associated genealogy website, FamilySearch.org, does not make it into our top 10 genealogy websites. This said, anyone interested in genealogy should definitely check out Legacy Family Tree as it’s certainly one of the top contenders in this category. 

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