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Legacy 9.0 is not exactly what its cracked up to be
20 July 2023
Reviewer: John M. from Sydney, Australia

2 of 4 people found this review helpful

I was, for many years, a strong advocate for Ancestry's FTM, until I tried to install their v2012 on Windows 10. For whatever reason I encountered problem after problem, and on just about every occasion I sought help from the authors. Unfortunately they proved to be worse than useless when it came to providing an explanation and/or a workable solution to get me back on track, so I gave up on them and opted for Legacy v8.0.

Whilst I've found that v8.0 (much like v9.0 which I've since migrated to) has a very supportive and helpful service team backing it up, I wouldn't really say that the software itself is user-friendly. With all of it's features (and there are many) comes a fair amount of complexity ... not only with the mass of buttons and somewhat confusing (if not "conflicting") tabs, then certainly with the mass of icons across many of the front-end screens.

It took me quite a while to familiarise myself with the navigation aspects of the Legacy application, and although well into my fourth year of using Legacy, I still trip-up every now and then.

In summary: I'd recommend Legacy to anyone wanting accuracy on their database, but... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Legacy Family Tree to a friend.

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No customer support available to answer a question
23 October 2018
Reviewer: Ball Knobs from USA

53 of 102 people found this review helpful

I enjoy the program, but there is no one out there to ask a question of. Just buy the program and pray!

In summary, I would recommend Legacy Family Tree to a friend.

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Think thrice before buying Legacy
06 February 2013
Reviewer: Peter Rezende from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

173 of 330 people found this review helpful

The features in Legacy are about average for what you'd expect of a family tree program but there're many more user friendly programs on the market. I use Legacg, FTM, FTB, PAF and CGR depending on what I want to do and which reports I want to run.

But would you trust your family tree data, data that has been collected after years of painstaking research, to a program that does not correctly export to a Gedcom?

Legacy is more concerned with developing new features rather than fixing the bugs in their current version. Below is correspondence with their "support" department when I discovered a bug in the system..a bug they claim to have known about and fixed in Oct 2012 but the fix has not been released as at 6 Feb 2013..

Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013
Subject: Legacy Problem Report
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

I know exactly what happens.

I'm going to close this discussion. There is nothing more to add. We just have to wait for the programmers to release the next update.


Technical Support

From: Peter Rezende
Sent: Tue, 05 Feb 2013
To: Legacg Technical Support
Subject: RE:Legacy Problem Report

Turn the double dating option off, do not enter any double dates in legacy, export the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Legacy Family Tree to a friend.

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I still prefer a web based program
10 January 2013
Reviewer: Jimcat from IN

175 of 365 people found this review helpful

As of Jan 2013, one has full access to your information at new.familysearch.org soon to all be moved over to familysearch.org. I have downloaded the free legacy program and it seems to work well, but I do prefer a website with all the visuals like that at myheritage.com. I will give familysearch the 6 months it asked to see if they did make all the inhancements they mentioned before I go to a pay as you go

In summary, I would recommend Legacy Family Tree to a friend.

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Outstanding Genealogy Program!
22 January 2011
Reviewer: Chris from USA

226 of 423 people found this review helpful

Well, disappointment blankets the general public users of Legacy Family Tree once again with the concept that the public would finally be able to use the long promised core searchable database familysearch.org. The newly released version 7.5, just as 7.4, still has no access to the familysearch.org database unless you are a member of the organization's church. Familysearch.org does offer a free searchable online database that is available to the general public on their website at https://www.familysearch.org/. The Legacy 7.5 program is a strong database for storing your genealogy data with dozens of features for data and picture storage and hopefully the programmers will develop a general public version with the above search features so everyone can enjoy this awesome program. I got upset with the release of 7.4 and went to try out several others, which contained great search abilities with cut and paste abilities but none of them compared to the enhanced core storage capabilities of version 7.4. Guys, at least use the public database until familysearch.org allows public access to their databases and also focuses on other searchable database such as ancestry.com and you will then have the most complete unbeatable genealogy program package offered! (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Legacy Family Tree to a friend.

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